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Register your domain with privacy protection:

Why use Domain Privacy Protection?

Because anyone can look up the domain registrant contact details. It is important to protect your personal information against identity theft, spam and possible hacking.

Look after your personal information

So nobody can get it from the registration data of your domain.


Blocks attackers

Most attacks on domains and websites are made knowing the domain registrant information. It is important that you keep the attackers away!


Why does Neolo suit me?


Our mission is that any person or company can turn their idea into a website. We help you develop your personal brand or project, sell online and publish the content you want. In short, to build your digital business.

We love providing fast, quality customer support, that's why we answer 80% of inquiries in less than 1 hour and we have a 9.5 / 10 rating. Plus, our servers are super stable and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are part of the Open-Startups movement: we make public the customer service metrics and also the stability of the servers.

Every week we publish new tutorials, courses, interviews with specialists and knowledge guides so you can take your entrepreneurship to the next level.

Why would everyone have access to domain name registrants?


Because the WHOIS directory is a public database with all registered domain names data from around the world. With Domain Privacy Protection you can hide your personal information for privacy and security.

What about my business? I still want my clients to find me


Your customers will still be able to find you and they will see the information you choose to display on your website. No one will have access to your personal information on the WHOIS directory.

How does Domain Privacy Protection work?


Instead of showing your personal information, it will display "Domain by Proxy", acting as a layer of protection for your personal data.

What are the benefits of Domain Privacy Protection?


Your personal information will be protected against identity theft, spam to your personal account, and attempted attacks or theft of domain.

We work hard to achieve our outstanding feedback

Our greatest satisfaction is to turn our customers’ ideas into reality. When your website functions perfectly, our work goes unnoticed, but yours shines. And that is what matters to us.

I use Neolo to host my culinary website and love it, everything was quick and easy.

Vicky Vago - Living Eat

We’ve been Neolo’s clients for the past 10 years and would certainly choose Neolo again.

Federico Pacheco - Entropy Security

I choose Neolo to host my clients websites and I have never had a problem

Michelle Dure - Graphic designer @ Decero

Since 2002, more than 10,000 clients from 79 countries have chosen our web hosting, especially from the UK

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