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  • November 26, 2020

Igor Galba: “As an entrepreneur is a must to have their own website and domain”

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Igor Galba is a creative web design, graphic and motion designer based in Edinburgh. He is Founder at StellarUI Studio, whose main mission is to create high quality e-commerce websites, print designs and social media graphics for the modern business owners and startup projects around the United Kingdom. He told Neolo how does he work, how can you have an optimized website and the importance of responsive design, websites and domains.

What are your key responsibilities as a web designer? 

My key responsibilities are creating a user friendly interface, clean and distraction-less design. These two points are the most important things in design. From another case, there is always a challenge to create modern design which will also work perfectly on more than desktop platforms. Nowadays most of the users browse the internet via mobile phones, tablets. So there is always the challenge how to change to world.

What’s your passion about graphic design?

I can see the graphic design as a game-changer.

We, all of us love nice things, nice packaging, new designs of phones. Behind every decision or option is design. For example, if you compare two websites selling the same thing, but one of them has detailed and refined design, you will probably choose that one. Because that design speaks, make a design instead of you. Because you will believe that product is better.

What is a responsive web page design? How do you work with mobile design?

The most important task as a UI/UX designer is to work naturally with responsive design. It is a key to making a successful and profitable business. That’s the key role, perfection and skill to transform a website into a smaller shape, but keep the best impression of the website or app.

What are some design components of an optimized website?

Design components are the chapter of themselves. Number ONE is Intuitiveness. When I design the website I try to see the website from clients view. Where I want to place cat buttons, important text or products. To prevent that they are not invisible.

TWO is a web friendly, google friendly and fast website for many reasons. If me as a client want to be successful on the market, my website needs to be fired with google, because that’s the biggest search platform these days.

THREE Visual design, only the nice things and interesting design create the feeling that products or services on websites deserve the attention.

FOUR Content, only the best content wins on the market these days. Content has to be straight, simple and reasonable why clients or customers should buy the products or services.

FIVE, I would say navigation, but that’s also part of the intuitiveness. Good menu, excellent sitemap and clean design. And on the top of this chart is of course BRANDING. But that takes some time to build a stable and respectable brand on the market.

How do you integrate client’s feedback with your own designs?

Well, me as a graphic designer all work I do is for people. Of course sometimes I’ve got a different vision of the final product, but that ’s also my work – talk with the clients about what is a better solution or what’s not. I always try to find the middle way how to create unique products and make clients happy.

What inspires you when designing? Which one is your favourite resource?

There are many websites, social media profiles which daily share the ideas from the best designers across the world. One of my favourites is awwards website. There is a huge number of designers with strong abilities and potential. 

If you have to give a piece of advice regarding logo design, what would it be?

Logo design is like a fashion. It changes across the years, decades. Some of the success and big designers made logo designs in the 60s and they work until today.

There is not a line or manual on how to make perfect logo design that will last. I would say, clean, strong and representative logo design will be always trendy, modern and successful across the decades. 

Would you recommend entrepreneurs to have their own website? Why? And their own domain?

As an entrepreneur is a must to have their own website and domain.

If you want to show your abilities, skills and work you have done for other clients this is the most important thing.

Of course in nowadays there is many of portfolio websites, and entrepreneur can make their own portfolio there, but if you want to be a good designer, UI/UX designer you have to know how to set up the website, basics of code, set up the SEO or advertise your website. In the beginning it seems to be very hard, and it really is. But if you learn that skill, you have the experience with websites from other sides. You can offer better services and understand perfectly what needs the client.

Do you want to know how can you get your own domain?

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