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  • August 15, 2020

23 Top Freelance Websites to find the best work

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We all know the benefits of freelancing: We get to be our own boss, we choose what jobs to do and have full control over our schedule. However, these benefits come at a cost of having to actually find the work to do ourselves. Finding work can be time consuming and a job on its own, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you have been a freelancer for a while or if you are just venturing into freelancing now, then you’ll be glad to learn about websites and places where you can find opportunities. A freelance website is a dedicated website that basically works as a job board. On these platforms you’ll see freelancers showcasing their work and potential clients offering opportunities. You will have the option to apply to different projects and improve your portfolio. The more experience you have under your belt, the easier it will be to get job offers.

We highly recommend that you make a habit of checking these websites. You can even subscribe to most of them and get notifications directly to your email if there are new opportunities for you.

However, freelance platforms are not the only way to get work. If you are a professional or sell products and services, you should also have your own website or online store. Having your own website will help you attract new clients and promote your business. It’s not only convenient, it also has low yearly costs. Neolo’s hosting plan for new accounts is now on offer, don’t miss out!


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There are loads of websites to find work as a freelancer, and we know that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have curated a list of our 23 favourite ones. Some are general sites and others are specific to an industry or type of jobs, but hopefully you’ll find some that fit your skills.

23 Freelance Websites to find the right one for you


This is a well known marketplace for affordable digital services. As suggested on it’s name, many of the services offered start at a low price. There are loads of skills offered on Fiverr, so if you can think of anything that you can do and offer it at a low cost, this platform is a way of earning some money by doing so. Or if you are starting a new career, this might be a way to build up a portfolio and gain some experience. If you are already established in your industry or have highly valued skills you can become a Fiverr Pro. Starting prices for hand-vetted stellar talent is £80. Fiverr has a wide range of offerings, from creating digital planners, basic graphic design gigs, HR consulting or spiritual healing services. If you can do it, you can market it on Fiverr. Don’t miss out on their virtual events, podcasts and videos to take your business to the next level.


Upwork is a global platform that connects freelancers and clients from around the world. It uses a rating system to make sure companies can choose from highly rated freelancers. It has a big pool of talented registered members but it is also a popular place for small and big companies to source their working force. Upwork has been used by Microsoft, AirBnB and other big companies. If you are new to freelancing, you will find useful tools such as an invoice maker and live sharing feedback.


Toptal stands for “Top Talent”, so if you have years of experience and expertise in your field, consider joining this platform. They have a tough screening application process where only 3% of applicants are accepted. Once you are registered with Toptal, you will have access to a top-tier professional network and high-quality job opportunities.


SimplyHired is a job search engine based in the UK. You will be able to browse job offers local to you and check out the different industries in other areas. If you are starting up as a freelancer and are not sure how to price your work, they have a salary estimator tool you can use to check how to price your work.


PeoplePerHour is an international network of freelancers. It is free to sign up but with almost 3 million freelancers the competition can be tough. Freelancers skills are reviewed by their team of moderators and freelancers are also rated by their clients. PeoplePerHour also uses artificial intelligence to match the needs of a client’s project to the pool of freelancers available. You can create tailored offers according to your skills or you can manually search for projects and send up to 15 free quotes to get the job. If you need to send more, upgrade your membership and enjoy their perks.


Aquent is the largest marketing digital creative recruitment firm in the world with over 30 years of experience. They have a salary guide and offer free courses to learn in-demand skills and help you move forward with your career. From coding for designers to storytelling, Aquent’s free courses will help you learn the knowledge needed to turn you into a more rounded professional. If you are an expert on your field, then join this data driven hiring platform for top-level talent. You will be please to find their Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement in the footer of their website.

The Creative Group

The Creative Group offers remote and on-site talent opportunities. There is a wide range of specializations, from accounting, finances, legal and technology to creative marketing jobs. They have a job directory, a salary guide tool and exclusive workplace research. Upload your resume and start applying to the jobs that you want.


99Designs is a free platform to connect designers with creative projects. You can sign up as a freelancer and browse the jobs on offer or you can participate in contests created by clients. Their team curates and ranks designers according to their experience and skills. You can request a review of your designer level as you improve your portfolio and add more skills to your resume. The higher level you have, the more attractive you will be to potential clients.


Nexxt is a classic job search engine offering. You sign up, upload your resume and apply directly to the job postings that you choose. The main advantage over other job search engines is that Nexxt also has focused career websites based on industry, area, and even diversity criteria.

Writer Access

Writer Access is the fastest growing platform for freelance creators. It is free to join but you have to have residency in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa. Even though it started as a platform dedicated to writers, they are expanding their workforce to include a wider range of skills. Once you’ve signed up you will also get access to their learning portal and online support.


If you are looking for offline freelance work, and love handy jobs, then TaskRabbit is the platform for you. From assembling furniture, helping someone move or even a personal assistant, you can offer your services for an hourly rate. Browse cities where TaskRabbit works and sign up for free.


Skyword is a content marketing company and it connects creative freelancers with top-tier brands. Their team reviews the applicants portfolio and makes sure they have high-quality freelancers. Skyword is accessible in 13 different languages helping you reach clients worldwide.


Designhill is a great platform to make money as a graphic designer. Check out their resource section for loads of free tutorials. You can participate in design contests, sell your services and work one-to-one with a client. Just like other freelance websites, sign up for free and upload your portfolio to promote your skills.


This is one of the biggest marketplace for freelancers. Freelancer has over 43 million registered freelancers offering their skills which are organised in more than 1300 categories. But the offer of skills and talent is matched by the demand. Many of their clients are big companies such as Amazon and Nasa. Sign up for free and browse their opportunities.


Guru is a reputable platform targeted to freelancer experts. It is an easy-to-use platform that makes communications with clients easier. With over 800,000 employers worldwide, Guru matches skills such as web development, research and artists, to clients anywhere in the world. If you are starting as a freelancer, or doing it occasionally, Guru recommends their free membership that allows you to send 10 quotes to jobs per month. But if you are aiming to get regular work from their platform have a look at their paid subscriptions and the perks that come with them.


This job website has a simple yet effective layout. Once you sign up as a freelancer you will get email alerts for job opportunities and recommendations. If you are looking for opportunities outside America or Europe and aiming for worldwide clients, don’t miss out on Hireable.


FlexJobs is a job search website featuring both employee and freelance work, on-site and remote opportunities. You can also search by location or browse their “Research Gig” section. It is not a free subscription, but for a monthly fee of $14.95 you can have unlimited access to their job board, skills testing, email alerts and your own portfolio section.


Elevate: This freelance platform is mainly focused on IT, has an easy sign up process and it is free to join. Once you signed up, upload your CV and you will be automatically connected to job matches.


Contently is a content marketing platform. You can advertise any type of content creation, from infographics to wedding invitations. It has a dedicated section for freelancers with a rate calculator, a rates database and a board of gigs you can apply to once you’ve set up your portfolio. Showcase your portfolio and connect with top brands looking for talented freelancers for their high-quality opportunities.


OnSite is a free recruiting app with their headquarters in London but with a catch, it is by invite-only. They take pride on valuing quality over quantity, and only less than 5% of their applications are approved. This creates a highly curated network of digital talent.


If you are a journalist based in the UK then you have probably already come across this website. This portal has a whole section to promote your freelance work. Sign up and join their freelancers directory. It has a yearly membership fee but it has good reviews and it includes a free email account.

Wired Sussex

This members-only job board is based in Brighton and promotes opportunities in Sussex. However, there are other portals for different regions in the UK. Sign up and upload your CV to get noticed by employers. Check out their blog section filled with over 500 articles on career advice and more.


YunoJuno may not have been around as long as other platforms but it has certainly positioned itself as London’s elite freelancer network providing a UK-wide service. Once you sign up, you can apply or accept project briefs and start working straight away.

To sum up

Being a freelancer can be an advantage and allow you to even choose when and where to work. There are many companies looking for the skills and experience that you already have. Use these websites to keep up to date with the latest opportunities in the market and choose your own clients or the company you want to work for.

On these websites you can also

Discover new tools for your professional development.
Find out about new tools and platforms that you didn’t have on your radar.
Check what type of jobs are in high demand and can be done remotely
Learn new skills to enhance your professional development

Do not forget that in this digital age it is essential to have an online presence and to sell online. If you don’t have one already, we recommend setting up your website today!

You can build it in minutes using a website builder. There are templates you can use and adjust to your idea or business, and build your own website without being a programmer or having previous knowledge. You can do it!

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